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Feeder Sites

Feeder Website Advertising

At Website Marketing Wizards, we assist entrepreneurs achieve much more leads on the internet via feeder or microsite internet style and SEO (Search engine optimization).

We work with company owners to unleash niche feeder sites that complement current web sites, like a finely-tuned championship offense. Via niche web sites, you are able to much better marketplace your favorite specialties and reign over a squadron of powerful web sites.

What is a feeder site?

A feeder is really a web site that complements your primary company web site, regardless of whether you’re an attorney, plumber, or doctor. This web site targets a much more narrow audience than your primary web site, and provides content material exclusively associated to one aspect of one’s practice.

  • A criminal attorney could construct out a web site of 30 pages or much more of DUI-related content material, with info about state DUI laws, punishments, arrest procedures, and controversies regarding DUI law.
  • A house improvement/construction organization might wish to construct an entire web site dedicated to its roofing practice, with pages outlining the various roofing materials they sell and pages dedicated to residential and commercial clients.
  • An ophthalmologist could construct out a laser eye surgery web site, total with info about the procedure, its advantages, success stories, and responses to typical questions and misunderstandings.

Oh don’t worry you won’t have to write any content. We setup these sites and they work everyday for us on Autopilot. They automatically pull news, articles and videos from the internet that are related to your search terms. Google really likes fresh content.

Why think about numerous web sites?

When they’re done correct, feeder sites draw incredible visitors from a wide range of sources.

  • You are able to much better target a wider range of well-known keywords associated to your industry, drastically increasing your odds of ranking under numerous terms or even numerous times for the same term.
  • You are able to craft your web site with the requirements of a specific customer in mind, addressing their concerns via extensive resources. All this material might be excessive for the primary web site.
  • With higher exposure of your company within the lookup outcomes, and much better targeting of particular clients, you are able to appreciate a far higher amount of company from your internet advertising efforts.
  • You might be able to control multiple spots on the first page of Google when you have multiple websites.  Go to google and search for – Water Damage Thornton – the top 2 spots are a client website.  One is their main money site and the 2nd one is their Feeder site.

The reason we call them Feeder sites is we want to funnel all the traffic from these sites to your main Money site. For example take a look at – this is an example of a feeder site.  You will notice at the top we make it real obvious we want you to click on the header and come to our main site.   This site ranks really well for the term – dry wet carpet – because the keywords are in your domain and it receives 1500 visitors a month on autopilot.  So now imagine you had 8-10 of these feeder sites and each one of them gets 1000 visitors a month don’t you think a good share of those visitors will come to your main website?

Want another example?  Search for – Thornton Dentist – we have the top 2 spots in Google for that term.  Don’t you think a Dentist would like this feeder site?

Cast a wider net on the internet with feeder sites for your company.  We have a lot of these feeder sites that are on the 1st page of google and many of them rank in the top 3 positions.

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